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Goa Prism Digital Media is Goa’s leading publication platform having a bunch of publications spanning from News Media websites to Lifestyle and Food & Hospitality Magazines under one roof creating a proper eco-system for the advertisers to make use of multiple platforms in just a single cost.  

The Sky's The Limit

We have more than a decade of experience in Print and Digital Publications.

Some of our Digital and Print publications are, Goa Prism News Media Website, Incredible Goa Magazine, Incredible Goa Food & Hospitality Magazine, Explore Incredible Goa Online Tourist Guide and India Time Mail News Media Portal. Together these publications get the views and impressions that go into the millions of hits per month from all over the globe. 

The Media Platform


We do not encourage the biased stories in our news media as we are not attached to any government or political organizations. We always strive to bring the stories that are very close to the reality. Our stories run like a campaign and it gives our reader significant value for their time.


Incredible Goa is Goa’s First and only Society Magazine that was launched in the year 2015 with the whole idea of giving a platform to the talented, deserving and Incredible people of Goa. Today the magazine has created a niche for itself in the entire Goan Diaspora living in Goa and settled around the world.


Incredible Goa Food & Hospitality is Goa’s First Online Food & Hospitality Magazine that promotes the stories most relevant to the Food & Hospitality industry in Goa. Incredible Goa Food & Hospitality Magazine will bring you the latest news, views, and updates pertaining to this industry.​

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